Concrete Countertops
Oval shaped concrete countertop with sink and drainboard

Size and Shape Versatility with Concrete Countertops

Unlike a slab of granite or a pre-determined square of ceramic tile or travertine, concrete allows you to form virtually any shape and nearly any size. What benefit is this you might ask? Designers are particularly fond of this feature because long spans of countertop space can be cast without the visual line of a seam. Also, curves and other odd-shapes can be formed that would be impossible or unsightly with other countertop materials.

Precast countertops, or those cast in a shop and then shipped and installed on-site, will have optimum and maximum sizes. Because concrete can be so heavy, not all sizes can be moved, and weight-bearing issues affect the structural soundness of the concrete.

However, cast-in-place countertops, or those formed and poured on-site, can have unique shapes and long runs. If the countertop requires a seam, as in for a joint to accommodate handling or minimize cracking, seams can be disguised and filled to match the rest of the countertop. If they don't present any aesthetic problems for your design, a seam will look similar to the seams in marble or granite.

Oval shaped concrete countertop with sink and drainboard Custom concrete countertop with embeds Elliptical shaped modern look concrete countertop
Unique free form concrete countertop