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Concrete Countertops DIY: Do-It-Yourself or Hire a Pro?

Making a concrete countertop does require an understanding of the basics of working with concrete. DIY concrete countertops are going to rely on your skill level and the level of complexity of your project. Both will determine whether or not it is a project you want to undertake or hire out. DIY concrete countertops are not typically weekend undertakings. There are many caveats that usually only skilled craftsman can manage to produce a quality countertop.

Some of the most common issues with concrete countertops include:

  • Common Causes of Cracks
  • Compressive Strength and Reinforcing
  • Determining Sink Hole Size
  • Minimizing Air Bubbles
  • Best Cement Types for Countertops
  • The Importance of Water-Cement Ratio

Here are a few of the most important things to be aware of when determining if you can build your own countertop.

  1. There are many materials and tools necessary for constructing a quality countertop. You will need molds, a casting table, a countertop mix, a concrete mixer, reinforcing materials, coloring agents, knockouts for sinks and faucets, etc.
  2. You'll need to be familiar with how to prevent cracks using proper reinforcement and proper placement.
  3. For a smooth surface, you may need a polisher to grind the top smooth.
  4. Depending upon how you want your countertop to perform, you will need to select a sealer to protect the countertop surface.
  5. You will have to decide whether to build your countertop in a shop or on-site.
  6. Get help. If you want to build a small outdoor concrete countertop, you might be able to tackle the job yourself, particularly if you plan to have a simple layout, minimal coloring, and finishing. First, though, consult with the manufacturer of your concrete mix and coloring agent. Many are willing to provide detailed application instructions and technical support. There are also many classes offered throughout the U.S. and Canada for basic concrete countertop training.
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