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Adding Embeds and Inserts to Concrete Countertops

What is a countertop embed or inlay? Concrete countertops can be modified and personalized when an inlay, an object such as a rock, piece of iron, sea shell, or other decorative item, is embedded in the surface of the countertop. Other items that can be either inlayed or embedded are pieces of broken glass, tiles, metal, and family heirlooms. Adding objects opens the door to creativity and adds an extra touch of personalization.

Concrete countertop with custom embeds
  • Inserts are small stones or other materials that are mixed throughout the concrete to add interest to a countertop. Often referred to as decorative aggregate, there are manufacturers that make colored rock or various semi-precious stones that can be added to the concrete mix before pouring a countertop. When the countertop is then polished, the aggregate are exposed.
Concrete countertop with custom coloring and exposed aggregate
  • Be careful what items you choose to embed. The items must be durable to withstand the activities that will take place on your counter. Plus, you should not choose items that will deteriorate. Talk to your contractor about what items are recommended to last. Also ask that the sealer that will be used on your counter will not affect the color of your items.
Concrete countertop with fiber optics embedded
  • Fiber optics are also a popular item that are being embedded in concrete countertops. Their unique lighting makes for a great one-of-a-kind piece. Learn how to add magic to concrete counters with fiber-optic lighting.